International Music Dance Federation

     IMDF engaged in the development and promotion of dance and the arts.  IMDF cooperates with leading figures in world culture.

     International Music and Dance Federation was founded in 2015. IMDF has a unique system of international competitions, seminars and festivals.

Mission IMDF

- The disclosure and promotion of talented choreographers, dancers, singers, composers, songwriters and other creative individuals in the field of culture and art

- Public Presentation of new and interesting works of art and culture

- Familiarizing children and young people to art and culture, by familiarizing with the best creators and works in world culture. It is very important for IMDF is to develop a sense of taste and style in the younger generation. For us it is important to disclose the desire to create in the field of culture and art among children and youth

- Promotion of real values ​​of culture and art

We believe that art and creativity will bring love, happiness and beauty to the world! We are doing everything for this!

Learning to walk sets you free. Learning to dance gives you the greatest freedom of all: to express with your whole self the person you are.” (Melissa Hayden)

There is a bit of insanity in dancing that does everybody a great deal of good. (Edwin Denby)


“To dance is to be out of yourself. Larger, more beautiful, more powerful.. This is power, it is glory on earth and it is yours for the taking” (Agnes De Mille)

The dance is the mother of the arts. Music and poetry exist in time; painting and architecture in space. But the dance lives at once in time and space. (Curt Sachs)


We create art!



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