Königsberg Cathedral

Koenigsberg forts

Amazing dancing forest

The biggest drifting sand dunes in the world

Soviet submarine-one of the best museums in Russia and preserved in original

The widest and world-renowned Blue Flag beach on the Baltic sea coast


The famous Baltic spa resort Svetlogorsk

The home town of one of the greatest philosophers of all time Immanuel Kant

and other inresting places

Kaliningrad (until 1945 - Königsberg) is an administrative center of Kaliningrad Oblast, a Russian exclave between Poland and Lithuania on the Baltic Sea. Kaliningrad has many museums. A few examples are the Immanuel Kant museum on the Kneiphof island, the Regional Museum of History and Arts, which has parts of Königsberg Castle's Prussia Museum of local archaeological findings, and the Kaliningrad Amber Museum, which is situated in the Dohna Tower near the Rossgarten Gate. The Museum of the World's Oceans is located on the former research vessel Wityaz on the shore of the Pregel river. Kaliningrad is a very "green" city with a large number of parks and areas with lots of trees and lawns. Parks range from tiny city squares to massive parks. The Kaliningrad Zoo was opened as the Königsberg Zoo in 1896. The collection, which extends over 16.5 ha, comprises 315 species with a total of 2,264 individual animals (as of 2005). The Kaliningrad Zoo is also an arboretum


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